Skip Tracing

Criminal, Corporate & Employment Related Matters.

Identify and Locate Missing or Unknown
  • Defendants
  • Witnesses
  • Debtors
  •  Heirs
  • Due Diligence
Locate Information
  • Civil & Criminal History
  • Registered Agents or Officers for
  • Government & Corporate entities
Identify and Locate Personal and Business Assets
  • Prior to litigation
  • Registered Agents or Officers for
  • Government & Corporate entities
Service of Process on Evasive or Violent Subjects
  • Anytime
  • Anywhere


Our standard fees for locating are $95.00 (5 – 10 days) and $150.00 for expedited locate (48 Hours).
After a full skip tracing is completed, a professional report of findings is included with the sources listed below:

  • Credit header address information utilizing all three credit reporting agencies
  • Vehicle and driver registration (not available in CA)
  • Real time court and criminal records (not available in all states)
  • Property records
  • Voters registration (not available in CA)
  • Recorded documents
  • Bankruptcy records
  • USPS mail delivery/forwarding confirmation
  • Professional licensing, Department of Revenue, Corporations and Contractor registration
  • State employee index
  • Social networking web searches
  • Additional proprietary third party databases

All data is verified through personal identifiers such as date of birth, SSN or other previously verified distinctive distinguishing factor (prior address, vehicle information, business association, known spouse or relative, etc.).

The cost of the search is for skip tracing research and is not a result based search. The search is comprehensive however cannot be guaranteed as exhaustive. At no time does RENO/CARSON Messenger Service warrant or guarantee the return of the information and therefore the fee is non-refundable.

If we are unable to locate a subject with a skip trace, we can prepare a declaration of due diligence for an additional $40.00.