What is Process Server

Delivery or service of any document authorized by statute, rule, ordinance, regulation or court order that is evidenced by a sworn proof of service (declaration) and signed by the person effecting the service.

Requirements to serve your process:

A Completed Process Service Form for each person / entity you wish to serve. Note: create a service request using our ON-LINE FORM, or fill-in our MANUAL FORM.

A Complete set of Documents to be served, plus any originals or copies to be filed as required by your case and court. If serving a summons, we need a copy of the summons to attach to our proof of service for filing with the court.

A check or on-line credit card payment for the service fees, if you’re not an established customer.

What is our Process?

Daily Service in Reno, Carson City and LasVegas from our branch offices.

We will attempt service until served or verified as an invalid address for defendant/witness, at which point, we offer to professionally locate.

All attempts, service information, proofs, invoices, and conformed copies for each order are available on our website.

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