Messenger Service

RENO/CARSON Messenger service doesn’t just deliver. We copy receive or stamp your request form and any return copies. The industry term for this type of delivery is office service, and nobody has more experience than RENO / CARSON / LAS VEGAS Messenger service.

Our Route Messengers stop twice daily at nearly every court and law firm in RENO/CARSON Messenger Service (only). Route service includes judges, prosecutors, auditors, government, insurance companies, and all downtown core area businesses.

Why can you trust RENO/CARSON Messenger service?

At RENO/CARSON Messenger service, getting documents from A-to-B in record time is only part of the job. Our messengers are trained in the basics of legal pleadings and in the court system. We think outside the box and outside the instruction boxes on our messenger forms. Count on us!

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