Reno/Carson Messenger Service, Inc. NV lic. #322

Reno/Carson Messenger Service, Inc. NV lic. #322 is a legal support company specializing in Process Service, Skip-Tracing, Messenger Deliveries, Court Document Filings and Retrieval, and Corporate Filings.

Established in 1981, Reno/Carson is Nevada's oldest and largest legal messenger service, providing clients state of the art service including nationwide process service and the ability to check the status of their papers over the Internet. Whether you need service in Nevada or nationwide, let Reno/Carson Messenger Service Inc., NV lic. #322 handle all your needs.

  • 2018 RCMS New Years Resolution Video

    We believe what protects the integrity of the legal community is a legal courier service and process serving agency whose systems are set in place to insure all services provided are accurate and dependable. Clients need to understand that we developed the client interface specifically to make the client more efficient. Please watch this video to show you that "Newer" is Better!!!. Because coming soon, in 2018 we will ...

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  • Daily posts on facebook with tips on how our new website can make you FASTER!   Almost daily I find myself having to defend our website against clients who are refusing to use it saying it makes them slower.   And I say, "you must think I am crazy if I would ever implement new procedures that would make my clients slower." I will be using facebook as a tool to help inform our clients, on a more daily basis, of all the new slick website features designed to make ...

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  • 2017 January Addition Reno/Carson Times NEWSLETTER

    To view and/or down load here is the link to your first newsletter for 2017

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  • 2017 New Client Web Portal

    Click this link help utilize the several new online features we now offer in new log in. Thank you Johnno Lazetich General Manager

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  • What does V1 and V2 mean?

    Reno/Carson is excited to announce we are slowly integrating clients to a new and improved client interface.  Clients will now have the ability to request online Service of process, Special Messenger, Court and routine messenger deliveries online. We will be contacting you individually so until you have been notified please use V1. If you are reading this and are as excited as I am, email me at and I will set you up! :) Johnno Lazetich General manager 775-322-2424

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